There are different types of cold room: the positive cold room and the negative cold room also called refrigerated showcase. While one serves for the preservation of products, the other is used to freeze food. Owning a cold room is extremely important.

Indeed, the professional cold room makes it possible to respect the cold chain, and thus to serve products of quality and first freshness to the customers of a restaurant, a canteen or a self-service.

Positive cold rooms:

Positive cold rooms are a model of a professional cold room, which is mainly used to preserve vegetables and fruits. Why ?
-Car is a cold room that allows you to blow cold air at a temperature above zero degrees. As a result, this type of system is used to conserve rather than freeze. Moreover, for optimal freezing, it is preferable to use a negative cold room. This is also the cold room butcher par excellence. Why ? This is what we will see.

The negative cold room:

The butcher cold room, therefore negative, has the same operating system as the positive refrigerated chamber. The only difference is that the blown air is below a temperature of zero degrees.
As a result, the negative cold room is used to freeze meat and fish, but also dairy products. Poor preservation may rot or turn the product.
The professional cold rooms that we propose meet the standards in force and allow the conservation of food in optimal conditions.